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The white list - new requirements

From September 1, 2019, the provisions regarding the so called white list will become
effective. One of the obligations arising from these regulations is to verify vendors bank
account number prior making payment. Starting from January 1, 2020, errors in the
application of white list provisions will be the basis for imposing significant sanctions.

Support offered by PwC

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How PwC can help

PwC will support its clients in meeting the requirements of the white list. Below we present basic information about PwC products supporting the white list obligations.

The white list - requirements

  • Pursuant to the provisions on the white list, before making payments under transactions exceeding PLN 15,000, the taxpayer is required to verify that the bank account to which the payment is made is on the list kept by the Ministry of Finance (this applies to transactions with entities which are active VAT registered taxpayers in Poland).
  • Information on bank accounts is collected by tax authorities on the basis of registration applications and updates of these applications submitted by taxpayers.
  • Said regulations force that each payment should be verified against the list.
  • Payment to an account not included on the list may have the following consequences:
    • expenditure will not be considered a tax deductible cost,
    • the buyer will be jointly and severally liable for the supplier's VAT obligations (in respect of payments made).
  • To avoid the sanctions indicated above, you must notify the relevant tax office within 3 days of making the transfer about the payment being made to a non listed bank account.