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Tool enables

  • Maintaining record of Processing Activities;
  • Conducting and documenting of initial risk analysis and DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment)
  • Managing the list of tasks resulting from the conducted risk analysis and aimed to achieve risk level related to data protection acceptable by the organization
  • Maintaining the register of processors simplifying management of relations with the other entities (data recipients and entities entrusting processing the data) and storage key information related to them in one place;  
  • Managing of the documentation related to the processing of personal data in the organization e.g.: 
    • legal organizational documentation (data retention, relationships with suppliers, compliance with legal requirements, etc.)
    • technical and organizational measures aimed to protect personal data and IT / Security documentation (eg. Security Policy, Change Management Policy, Incident Management Policy, etc.);
    • personal data inventory including process maps, gap analysis results, etc;
    • the most important templates (templates of agreements, information clauses, consents, etc.)
  • Managing the incidents and data subjects rights;
  • Managing DPO's invidual log

Data Protection Officer Compliance Tool

DPO Tool supports DPOs and legal departments in daily duties related to compliance with the GDPR requirements, risk analysis in the context of data protection, maintaining and monitoring company’s compliance with the regulation. It is worth noticing that DPO Tool allows continuous monitoring of processes which involve data processing. In addition, DPO Tool allows you to keep all documents related to data processing in one place and to manage them efficiently. 

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Tool simplifies risk analysis

  • Record of Processing Activities integrated with the automated process of initial risk assesment;
  • Core risk analysis - DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment) supported by predefined threats catalogue
  • List of tasks simplifies monitoring and achieving target risk profile related to data protection